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SOLD. Abstract, pastel 70 x 50 cm
After death experience, oil on linnen. 45x55 cm.
Victor Linford. Pencil. 70x70 cm.
Victor Linford. pencil. 70x70 cm.
Oil on paper, no titel. 20x65 cm
Fosfophylliet. Pastel and gold. 73x52 cm
Camargue. Water colour. 50x70 cm.
Seaside. Pastel. 50x61 cm.
Late Afternoon. Pastel. 75x62 cm.
Waterfall. Artisan. 25x30 cm.
Future. Artisan. 33x43 cm.
Hugo Raes. Graphite. 38x29 cm.
SOLD. King Fisher. Water colour. 31x25 cm.