Maori culture. Terracotta.
Mother and child. Serpentine. Height 23 cm.
Dancing Man. Bronze. Height 27 cm.
SOLD. Maarten. Bronze.
Church. Brasilian soapstone. Height 24 cm.
Maori rockart. Serpentine. Height 50 cm.
The love of the 2 vulcano's (Maori). Brasilian soapstone. Height 24 cm.
Fishhook (Maori). Ceramic. Height 6 cm.
Woman in rest. Ceramic. Height 11 cm
Torso. Ceramic. Height 19 cm.
Flowing Koru (Maori). Ceramic. Height 21 cm.
Hand and foot. Ceramic. Height 23 cm (Hand) and 20 cm (Foot).
I want to be free. Ceramic (not for sale). Height 24 cm.
SOLD. Maori man. Indian soapstone. Height 35 cm.
SOLD. Happy Face (Tongan origine). Ceramic. Height 20 cm.
Pregnant. Brasilian soapstone. Height 38 cm.
Maui-tiki-tiki-a-Taranga (Maori). Ceramic. Height 21 cm.
Inner pain nr.2. Serpentine. Height 16 cm.
Rangi (Maori). Opal. Height 37 cm.
Abstract + Intimate. Brasilian soapstone. Height 27 cm. Front.
Abstract + Intimate. Brasilian soapstone. Height 27 cm. Back.
Koru Maori Culture, bronze.
Sleeping duck, Alabaster Height 18 cm,
Triangle, Pakistaanse soapstone.
Granny, ceramic
Pikorua (Maori), bronze. Height 23 cm.
Black man.Terracotta H 22cm - B 12cm
Shell white Alabaster H 35cm - B 17cm
Hei Matau (Bronze) Maori Culture H 22cm - B 7 cm
Shell pink alabaster H 35cm - B 17cm
Djembéfola terracotta H 20cm - B 8cm
Dolphins grey alabaster.